We are 15 minutes long from the sea, near Chiavari and Lavagna

From Chiavari you can reach the 5 TERRE by train in 30 minutes, Santa Margherita in about 15 minutes: Portofino is only 15 minutes long from S Margherita by bus

Genoa, 2004 Culture Capital, is only 45 minutes long by train or by car.

In half an hour you are in the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri!

In the vicinity you can visit the Parco Naturale Regionale della Val d'Aveto. Leivi is in the touristic trail of Via dell'Ardesia, in Val Fontanabuona

You can also choose from a lot of others touristic naturalistic or gastronomic trips as:

  • La Via della Castagna, Val d'Aveto, Val Graveglia e Valle Stura
  • La Via dell'Olio e del Vino: Val Graveglia
  • La Via del Castagno: Valle Sturla
  • La Via della Mucca Capannina: Val d'Aveto
  • L'itinerario dei sapori e delle tradizioni: Val Petronio

In Leivi and surroundings of can taste the local food in a lot af restaurants adn "trattorie".

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