Casa Vacanze Liguria, Chiavari

Casa Vacanze Le Cicale, appartamenti in affitto Riviera di Levante, Liguria

Welcome to Le Cicale Casa Vacanze!

Hi! We are Emanuela and Mario, our holiday house Le Cicale is at Leivi (near Genoa) about 15 car's minutes from the sea.

You can easily reach us by car o bus. From the balcony you can see in front of you the city of Chiavari and the sea, on the left Sestri Levante and the promontory: "l'isolotto".

At our holiday house you will enjoy a summer holiday in the fresh calm of the olive-groove and a mild winter holiday close to the sea. Le Cicale holiday house is surrounded by olive-grove and fruit-tree.

Le Cicale Casa Vacanze - Via Primo Maggio 38 - 16040 Leivi (GE) - Tel 3389354494 Fax 0102477726

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